Aftercare Lip/Cheek Piercing 

The client shall consult a health care practitioner at the first sign of infection, or allergic reaction, and report any diagnosed infection, allergic reaction, or adverse reaction resulting from the application of the tattoo to the artist and to the Texas Health Department, Drugs and Medical Devices Division at 1-888-839-6676 



  • Please cleanse the pierced area by using antibacterial or antimicrobial soap for the external skin and/or antiseptic or carbamide peroxide mouthwash for the oral cavity.

  • For at least the first two to six weeks minimize exposure to the sun, and discourage swimming in fresh, salt, or chlorinated water.

  • Use sterile bandages or other sterile dressing when necessary.


Outer Care
  • Clean with anti-bacterial soap in the shower, rinse thoroughly by moving jewelry back and forth.

  • Cleaning with Sterile saline wash three to four times daily is recommended.

  • No swimming in fresh or salt water until completely healed. (6-8 weeks)

  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to clean piercing.

  • Do not change jewelry until completely healed. (6-8 weeks)

Inner Care
  • Rinse with Listerine each time after eating, drinking, or smoking until healed. (6-8 weeks)

  • Rinsing with one teaspoon of sea salt in two ounces of warm water at least twice per day will aid healing.

  • Keep oral contact to a minimum until completely healed.

  • Minimize exposure to filth.

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